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Welcome to Everyone's Theatre Company - the new face of Opera di Nepotist.  The reason for the name-change is that the original name is no longer appropriate.  The company has spread beyond being nepotistic, and we seem to have gravitated almost entirely towards musicals (and an annual pantomime)!


Opera di Nepotist came about due to the founder - Lorna Baillie - wanting to perform with her daughter, Sarah, before she pursued her own operatic career (which Sarah is now doing) and to invite friends and pupils to help form the company - hence the name. Perhaps it should be mentioned that Lorna had

longed to perform the role of Mrs. Lovett since seeing the original SWEENEY TODD production some decades previously! Hence, Sondheim's fabulous piece became Opera di Nepotist's inaugural production. This was a challenging and thrilling experience: three single performances taking place in three very

different venues. Each one involved a get-in, technical/dress rehearsal,

performance and get-out in the space of a day. A big thank you to our Director,

Bob Noble, and wonderful technical and backstage staff, as well as our lovely

band - led by the hugely talented Nic Luker - and cast, who made all this

possible. Not to mention the fabulous Quentin Hayes in the title role. The first performance was in Gough Square/Dr. Johnson's House - virtually "on the spot". This was an incredibly exciting and moving experience, and it didn't even rain! Beautiful Normansfield Theatre - regularly seen on television: 'Downton Abbey'/

'Poirot', etc. - was the second venue, with the audience seated around large tables with waitress service for food and drink, and the action spilling out amongst them. 

The final performance was the first musical put on in the completed RoseTheatre, and again was a wonderful experience.  Performances since TODD have included INTO THE WOODS at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, A VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS on The Battersea Barge, and an annual pantomime. Our INTO THE WOODS experience is rather a long story - particularly as we were asked to take on someone else's show at the last minute, so performed two very different pieces twice a day for a fortnight!



Exciting plans for this year are currently under negotiation, so watch this space...!






Disappointingly, our production of THE RAILWAY CHILDREN at The Duke of York Theatre had to be cancelled (hopefully only postponed), but we were thrilled to receive this support from His Royal Highness, The Duke of York.


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