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Who needs a set?!

Bowes Museum had been a magical experience, but to then follow that with The Royal Pavilion was a treat indeed.


The orchestra were the icing on the cake.  With only one rehearsal the evening before (with Sarah and Lorna having great fun singing in everyone's parts!) and another on the afternoon of the performance with the full company, led by Simon Gray, the players made the occasion even more thrilling.


Another wonderful and appreciative audience completed the evening.


It all was, however, put very much in perspective with the tragic air crash that afternoon.  The shock and sorrow everyone is feeling for those involved and their families will never be forgotten.


ETC's first performance of COSI FAN TUTTE took place on Sunday 2nd August at The Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, Co. Durham.


The company were welcomed to this beautiful chateau by the lovely staff (special thanks to Rosie) who could not have been more friendly and helpful.


There were a lot of unknowns involved in this performance as we were not sure how big the audience was going to be and we had no previous rehearsal with the audience (or in the Museum).


Happily, everything fell beautifully into place.


The orchestra - comprised of local musicians (for whom this was also the first time some of them had met!) were wonderful and a beautiful addition to our production.  One of the lovely results of this performance is that they are very keen to do more together.


The four young lovers - Sarah Baillie, Rhona Coogan, Guy Elliott and James Newby - sang superbly as always, and Andrew Sparling was a wonderful, manipulative Don Alfonso.  As Despina, I completed the set.


Hannah Noone's brilliantly funny production had the audience in stitches, and Simon Gray led the band with skill and musicality.


We were thrilled with the (full capacity) audience's reaction who certainly seemed to be having a lovely evening and who made it for us.


A big thank you to everyone.









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